Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has just been confirmed. Microsoft upgraded their skills and started their journey by venturing into mobile and tablet arena in the early 21st century. Initially, it didn’t much positive reviews and was perceived as a fizzing technological advance. But since Windows 8, things have changed drastically for the technological giants. Not only had it received possible feedback, the technology catapulted then to the forefront once again. With the introduction of Windows 10, the game has changed for better even. Surface Pro 4, which was launched in October 2015, was received with gaiety and the realization of having a tablet-cum-laptop was unveiled. It was no wonder that the rumours about the most advanced version or Surface Pro 5 would be the latest buzz and was expected to be launched in October 2016. But with some latest trends and experts’ view, the fans may have to wait for a little longer as the latest version may come with more features than expected.

The latest version is rumoured to be released in early 2017 and boasts of features like 12.9 inches screen, a faster version of the erstwhile ‘SkyLake’ processor that is code named as Koby Lake and better display resolution. The resolution support is expected to provide for accommodating 2K and 4K videos, thus keeping up with the latest trend. The price is expected to be around $899 which makes the device affordable yet powerful. The original specifications are though yet to be revealed by the company and it remains veiled to the technology geeks as of now.


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