microsoft surface phone
(Image: Youtube)

There has been a lot of rumors about the new flagship phone that Microsoft will be launching, the Surface Phone, all of which have yet to be confirmed or denied. Despite that many are hopeful that the new phone will be unveiled this month. Moreover, the device that is said to be released on the 26th of October might feature the perfected Microsoft Continuum mode.

Microsoft has already sent out invitations for the event set for October 26 in New York City, and since this event is already pretty much set in stone, speculations that this event will also be the launch for the new Surface Phone has been spreading like wildfire.

The new Surface All-in- One PC is said to be released along with the newest Windows Surface Phone and the model is said to have Continuum Mode which turns your phone into a big-screen projector and a big-time productivity tool. Use a dock or adapter to connect to a TV or monitor, then use your apps and see your content on a larger screen, according to the Windows website. That being said, the new Surface phone is basically a mini desktop computer and will be a highly productive device. That feature alone is enough to make fans from all over the globe to get excited over the new Microsoft device, which is why many are sincerely hoping that the Surface Phone be released during the Event in New York on October 26.

However, Microsoft has yet to announce anything official at this point but this doesn’t stop fans from hoping that the rumors stay true and that the great device will be launched very soon.


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