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(Credits: Microsoft)

It seems that the tech world has been throwing around new flagship phone after flagship phone for people to choose from, and Microsoft has hopped into that wagon as well. Microsoft is said to be planning to release a new Microsoft Surface Phone 2016. Although Microsoft already has a Windows 10 phone, it seems that they are still planning to create a new smartphone.

Later this month, the company is said to be holding a press event in New York City and this event is expected to be announcing new Microsoft products along with the Microsoft Surface Phone 2016. Although the event is said to be focused on the Windows 10, many tech analysts and fans are certain that the tech giant will not only be focusing on that, it is likely that there will be new products to be launched as well.

There are reports however, that say that the rumored Microsoft Surface Phone 2016 will not be released this year at all and that it is more likely to be launched during the first half of 2017 sporting a price tag ranging from $699 to $1,100. Some say that the Microsoft Surface Phone will actually be a replacement for the Lumia phone series, though some may disagree with that speculation since the two phones can co-exist in the same market without any problems.

With device rumors come rumored specifications as well, and the Microsoft Surface Phone 2016 is no exemption. The Microsoft is said to be sporting a 21-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel front camera. There will also be a nifty micro SD slot that can be used to upgrade storage to at most 128GB. Note that Microsoft has yet to confirm any of this, it is much better to wait for the outcome of the press event in the big apple.


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