(Credits : infinityleap.com)

There is truly no second opinion about the fact that there is no one in the industry that can touch the elegance and class of augmented reality that Microsoft is offering to its fans. The new buzz in the middle is that the iconic company is introducing Microsoft VR kit that can be the best thing that fans were eager to have.

The coolest thing about this wondrous technology is that this marvelous technology would hit the market soon and more likely that this technology would be far better than Microsoft HoloLens. Moreover, with Samsung, Sony, Facebook, Epson and many others already working hard on VR technology, the latest offering from Microsoft is truly a blessing for fans and would undoubtedly make competition more healthy thereby benefitting the consumers.

The coolest thing about this marvelous Microsoft’s VR kit is that it will be a similar DIY endeavor that can add a touch of elegance to the augmented reality. Moreover, the convenience, easiness and affordability would make things really amazing for the fans. Augmented reality would undoubtedly improve the real world in many ways and its effects can be felt not only in near future but even now. This VR Kit being one of a kind would obviously be the best for developers and gamers as this technology will add a touch of elegance to the gaming and other such visuals phenomena.



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