Michael Estrella Sets Up a PR 700 Pounds Deadlift Just Days After Breaking The World Record

Over the weekend, Michael Estrella showed his incredible performance at the Boss of Bosses 6 powerlifting meet. That powerlifter competed in the 148lbs weight class and set up an all-time world record of 668lbs by deadlifting 4.5 times his bodyweight.

But Estrella seems to be unstoppable and this weekend already, he set up two new all-time world records for the deadlift and total. Here are his lifts from the Boss of Bosses 6 powerlifting meet:

  • Squat: 534.6 lbs
  • Bench Press: 424lbs
  • Deadlift 668lbs – All-time world record
  • Total: 1,627 lbs – All-time world record
  • Wilks Score: 570.36

Watch his record below

But just three days later, Michael unofficially broke that world record by casually pulling 700lbs. On Wednesday, he shared the pull on his Instagram page:

I blame [Jamal Brownder] for this. I left BoB6 [Boss of Bosses 6] still wondering if I had 700lbs in me and I’m happy to report that it’s a definite YES.

Here is what Browner replied:

Annual post meet yolo deadlift session. 
1015×1 !!! Got the go ahead from my coach to do it. Time to get back to work though.

Browner won the Boss of Bosses 6 meet with his 749.5lbs squat, a 474lbs bench press, and an 821.2lbs deadlift for a 2044.8lbs total, he went ahead and pulled 1015lbs in the 275lbs weight class. Just like Michael Estrella, Browner beat his deadlift just a few days after. Will other competitors show the same big lifts soon?

We remind that Raw Nationals is to be held in October. Who knows how many new records by these big guys we will see there.


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