Melania Trump not covering her head in Saudia Arabia

FLOTUS, Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump walked off Air plane in Riyadh today. Modestly robed in flare sleeves and pants, to follow the strict clothing code Saudi Arabia imposes for its female inhabitants. A very vital thing was missing in

Though, the matter had possibility to root shame for Trump, whose long trace of Twitter tweets frequently comes back to trouble him. Previously, he tweeted his anger over Michelle Obama’s choice to seem bare headed in the kingdom of Saudi Arab. Trump said:

     “Many people are saying it was wonderful that Mrs             Obama refuse to wear a scarf in Saudi Arabia, but             they were insulting. We have enuf enemies,” he                 tweeted, using a short-hand spelling for “enough”.

Apparently, the hosts weren’t upset in both cases. While Western females are likely to hide their arms and legs throughout the visits, headscarves are normally not obligatory. Beside Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have chosen to skip headscarves throughout official tours in the past. Here’s Trump’s 2015 tweet about previous first lady of the US, Michelle Obama’s visit:

President Donald Trump’s Mrs Melenia, daughter, Ivanka and a senior White House adviser who is accompanying Trump, also did not hide their heads.

The womenfolk who convoyed President Trump on his tour to Saudi Arabia seemed to insult the host country referring to one of Trump’s old tweets.Melania and Ivanka Trump DE boarded on Saturday in the capital city of Riyadh wearing extended, flowing sleeves, but not a headscarves. Though Saudi Arabia King Salman was happy to receive the guests, a Trump tweet from 2015 suggests that he would be offend in this scenario whereas he was not at all.

Saudi ladies are obligatory to wear a black coat, that is an abaya, in open. Though, wrapping your head is not obligatory for non-nationals, and some ladies pick to give up headscarves totally.

Previously, UK’s prime minister Theresa May and German leader Angela Merkel also went lacking headcovers in Saudi Arabia. They displayed how common it is for high profile woman visitors to skip wearing a headscarf or an abaya.

Previous FLOTUS, Michelle Obama did not hide her head when she convoyed Barack Obama on a sympathy visit in January 2015 after the demise of King Abdullah. Laura Bush usually went deprived of wrapping her head; however she once temporarily put on a head scarf she received as a present.

As Obama’s secretary of state, Hillary Clinton also did not hide her head on tours to Saudi Arabia.