Meet the Little Kai: Kai Greene Shared His Old Photos and Shocked His Fans

Kai Greene has never won Olympia. Yet he’s more popular than most bodybuilding champs. The most creative bodybuilder ever posted his old photos. ‘Before and After’ collages shocked Kai’s fans. It’s hard to believe he looked like that, being very young.

What is the most important quality to become a top bodybuilder? No doubt, Kai would say it’s all about hard work. The sports celebrity spends hours in the gym daily even after he leaves the stage. Kai promotes his own philosophy – where 100% determination and goal-orientation take the first place for success.

Kai’s own physique is a great example of how far you can go if you are disciplined and hard-working. His super-muscled look is a result of years of training. Yet it’s difficult to deny other possible factors that have made Kai look so insanely bulky.

The sportsman shared old photos where he looks exactly what we expect a future champ to look like! A 20-year-old boy (at that age Kai had just started his professional way) already had a real superhero appearance. Even years before joining the Olympia contest, Kai was very shredded and muscled.

That’s a starting point that everyone dreams about! Kai is probably one of those people who was destined to be among the best bodybuilders. Greene’s fans were amazed and shocked to see his old photos.

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