Meet the New Quadzilla! Branch Chen Demonstrated Unbelievably Massive Legs!


Every bodybuilder knows that developing great leg muscles is a real struggle. There are only a few people that love the leg day. It’s easier to develop great muscles of chest, biceps or even back, while most sportsmen say that leg muscles grow slower and require more work.

However, there are some lucky people who have no problem with their quadriceps and other muscles of their legs. One of the brightest examples of those lucky bodybuilders is a young Korean sportsman Jo Nam Eun. His legs are so incredibly massive that he was often blamed in photoshopping his photos before he became really famous in Korea and known all over the world.

Speaking about the global bodybuilding stars, it’s impossible not to remember two bright sportsmen that became popular demonstrating super-developed leg muscles: Tom Platz and Branch Warren.  

However, now these bodybuilders have a very serious competitor. The new quadzilla with incredibly massive legs is Brach Chen. He is a young sportsman from China.

The great physique that Chen demonstrates is a result of both great genetics and incredibly hard work. The sportsman is honest telling how much time he spends in the gym and he often shares his videos with effective exercises for the lower part of his body.

Branch Chen is still not as famous as he could be. However, he’s really serious about his sports career and is very ambitious. Sports critics have already noticed Chen and they say he can become the next bodybuilding star or even one of the top-participants of Olympia.

Chen is expected to participate in serious global professional contests very soon. So, we will have a chance to know whether his incredible leg muscles are able to take the sportsman to the first place.



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