Meek Mill With Lyrics

Meek Mill With Lyrics has created wonders and experimented with words giving hip-hop a new edge in this musical journey. Dreams and Nightmares is a debut album released in the year 2012 in the month of October recorded by Maybach Music Group.

Born in Philadelphia, Meek Mill With Lyrics entered the world of rap to make a difference, and that’s how he got introduced to the world of music. He started writing verses, phrases and experimenting with words. His journey continues since then. On October  26th, in the year 2012, he started his own recording label named Dream Chasers Records.

While answering to all the invectives and comments hurdle at him and on his choice of songwriting in rap, Mill answered that the rap is about all bad things but at the end of the day, they are all reality. He thus states how his works are a picture of the true reality around, and he does not support any such hypocrisy. His albums consisting of all the singles such as Amen, Believe it, Burn, Young, and Getting’ it. Therefore, Mill through his lyrical works says how he has no intention of embarrassing or insulting or for that matter disrespecting any religion or institution. These albums have guest appearances who have come ahead while supporting Mill in his musical endeavors.


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