Khabib Nurmagomedov won the main fight of UFC 229 and got the champion title. Fighting the former UFC champion Conor McGregor was, perhaps, the biggest challenge in the sports carrier of Nurmagomedov. Now, after proving that he is worth being the true and only champion in UFC, Nurmagomedov is looking for new interesting challenges.

Recently, he decided to fight the boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. A year ago Khabib’s opponent McGregor tried to win in a fight with Mayweather, however, the MMA fighter lost. Nurmagomedov decided to repeat the attempt of the former MMA champion with a strong intention to win.

Floyd Mayweather accepted the challenge and told that he liked the idea. The fight may attract a lot of attention and bring much money to Mayweather in the case he wins. Sports experts have already told that the fight would be very hard for Khabib who is known for being an excellent wrestler but not a boxer. Nurmagomedov told that he has a strong desire to fight Mayweather, however, later he told he had an only condition for the fight to be organized anywhere except Vegas.

Floyd reacted with a loud criticism, calling the behavior of his possible opponent unprofessional. He told that if Khabib challenged him he had to be ready to fight by Floyd’s rules. ‘Everyone knows that Vegas is the home of boxing!’, – told Mayweather, explaining while organizing a fight in Vegas may be so important for him.

The boxer also mentioned a great melee that was organized by Khabib and his fellows right after the UFC 229 main fight. He mentioned the incident as another proof of Khabib behaving not as a professional should do. Mayweather told he’s interested in the fight because it could bring him a great money, not because of his personal ambitions or motives.

The sports critics told that the argument about a place of the future fight could become a reason for the deal to be terminated. However, it can be known only later when Khabib will answer his potential opponent officially.


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