Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Martyn Ford Is In a Superhero Mode

Martyn Ford is another representative of the sport in cinematography. Being a Hollywood star and a freaky fitness model, Martyn looks and trains just like the best professional bodybuilders.

Ford is one of those people whose success story sounds unrealistic. Being younger, the sportsman dreamed about becoming a croquet star and could never guess he can become a huge bodybuilder with massive muscles.

Martyn is famous as a person who managed to make his bad genetics work on him. The sportsman has always been tall, however, he used to look too thin.

The situation became worse after a serious injury that forced the sportsman to stop his career and led to depression. Ford had no appetite and could not find any stimulus to take care of his body.

Martyn’s weight became critically low, he looked and felt really bad. The future bodybuilder decided to try some strength exercises in order to make his body look a bit stronger and to gain some weight. That was the only wait to avoid serious health issues for him.

At that time, no one could imagine that Ford would need only a couple of years for a great transformation. Now, the sportsman is one of the biggest and scariest bodybuilders on the planet. Martyn is also a TV star, featuring in different movies and TV adverts.

While Martyn’s story is very inspiring, he decided to show more information that can inspire people or help those who are in a similar situation as Ford used to be years ago.

Recently, the sportsman shared some of his training videos that were composed into a small inspirational video by Bodybuilding Priest. The video can both motivate people for better achievements in sport or become an illustrative example of effective exercises.

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