Martyn Ford Shows His Training Routine: You’ve Never Thought Home Workouts Can Be Insane Like That!

The world health crisis has become a real challenge for many sportsmen worldwide. Gym lockdown made athletes step back in their plans and careers. Yet some sportsmen have a perfect solution for any sort of apocalypses – no matter what’s going on in the world, they won’t miss a workout! Check how Martyn Ford copes with a lockdown of public gyms and sports clubs.

Gym lockdown became a low blow for many people. Some could do nothing but accept the situation, others switched from gym activities to street jogging or went to streets with public protests. Yet for some people, the lockdown became a strong impulse to think about setting up their home gym or sports corners in flats and offices. If you’ve already bought some dumbbells and benches, you are cool! Yet far not as cool as Martyn Ford.

Martyn’s gym looks like an athlete’s heaven. He has nearly everything for building an excellent physique. Making sport his priority, Ford wouldn’t agree on anything less. All sorts of weights, numerous machines, and training equipment are enough to survive lockdown. That’s the secret why Martyn stays so ripped while many other bodybuilders shrink in size.

Ford amazed his fans with some training videos. The muscle beast turned home workouts to a completely new level and proved why starting your own home gym may be the best investment of the year. His videos are impressive and insanely inspiring.  

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