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Mark Zuckerberg wants to slip into the shoes of Tony Stark and that is why, he needs an AI like Jarvis right in his home. This was revealed by the Facebook founder in a recent post, who wants AI that run his home and also to present him with virtual reality visualizations of his work. It seems to be a very nice idea as it is something that can be considered as a peak of AI phenomenon and that is why, Mark reveals that he want to explore what technology is already out there.

Although, the new advancement and research has turned out to be an amazing phenomenon and is making most of our daily life look easier, however, Mark Zuckerberg wants an even more advance form of it. Mark Zuckerberg need an AI that is able to handle his initial tasks such as controlling lights, temperature, music and most of other such functions.

According to the iconic programmer, his AI should be able to guide him in coping up with most of the social happenings and problems. In addition, he is also interested in using voice and face recognition in order to adjust lights and temperature. Zuckerberg urge for AI plan is when it comes to home controls and into his work. Moreover, in order to make things more amazing, he wants his AI to help him me visualize data in VR and also led his organizations more effectively. Let’s see how this new venture turns out to be for Facebook founder. We might end up having the most advance form of AI.



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