Mark Zuckerberg has mastered the art of impressing everyone and now he has stepped into yet another one with his amazing Chinese-speaking skills.

Moreover, you will be amazed to know that he the prolific developer and CEO of Facebook has been studying the language for about five years. The truly mesmerizing event that occurred the last weekend was that when he stunned all the audience with a 22-minute speech at Tsinghua University in Beijing entirely in Mandarin Chinese.

According to Chinese language experts that native-Mandarin speakers say would also have to work on pronunciation.

However, despite the entire facts one thing is confirmed that when you use another language to reach a new audience, it really needs cultural boundaries in a way that a translation tends not to do.  With large numbers number of prolific personae being Chinese CEOs such as Alibaba’s Jack Ma and Sohu’s Charles Zhang speak fluent English, a need was felt on Zuckerberg’s behalf that Chinese highlights the dearth of Mandarin-speaking U.S. business titans. Moreover, the language is considered difficult as it has written characters, and because it relies in part on rising and falling tones that can change the meaning of words. Moreover, he has dealt with the subjects of mission while caring and thinking ahead.


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