Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Mark Bell’s Successful Transition From Powerlifting to Bodybuilding


It is not easy to make transitions from one kind of sports to another. However, lots of football players have shifted to MMA. Transition from powerlifting to bodybuilding is one of the smoothest though.

Despite being absolutely different sports, they are pretty similar. Being an outstanding powerlifter is different from being an outstanding bodybuilder though.

It’s absolutely not easy to leapfrog from one strength sport towards another one. Both powerlifting events and bodybuilding shows require a lion share of preparation.

Bell is a great example of a hard-working powerlifter whose mental preparation helped him to succeed in the competitive bodybuilding.

Mark Bell has won a large number of powerlifting championships. He became really famous in the fitness world.

Thanks to his and his brother Chris’s documentary named Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Mark saw the inner workings of the fitness and strength community. Mark decided to challenge himself once again in competitive bodybuilding.

Bell participated in his first bodybuilding show recently and showed amazing results as for a newcomer. He was congratulated by Hany Rambod on his amazing debut.

Let’s congratulate MarkBell on his great transition from powerlifter to bodybuilder!

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