University Challenge
University Challenge

The issue of male dominance has always been the part of the society. Some say this is a male dominant society while the others say the society is struck by feminism. Apart from these daily issues when the University Challenge Finals was broadcasted last night it provided the evidence in the favor of inequality for females.

University Challenge is a type of competition hitting the televisions since the 1960s. In this show, the students from different colleges participate and show their skills.

In the finals of Unversity Challenge 2017, the aspect that got the maximum spotlight was the presence of four male contestants from Oxford University.  The same number from Cambridge University. 22% of the Candidates were females while the other seats were occupied by males.

This arrangement throws the light on the fact that male dominance is prevailing in the society. The media has taken it in a very serious way that such a number of male contestants shouldn’t be allowed on the show. The population of males exceeding to 78%. Among the participants had caused a pinching note to the females out there.  They are ready to fight for their rights.

Although the contestant Monkman, who lost the game last night is very popular among the people and they still consider him as their champion, still his presence has done nothing good. The poor number of females in the University Challenge finals has been highlighted.

University Challenge itself is a stalwart of middle-class British culture since 1960. They claim that all the institutes are allowed to chose their teams willingly. The management has nothing to do with the male dominance.

University Challenge is hardly at the pinnacle of gender inequality.

The female contestants of University Challenge have always been in the limelight. If we remember Emma Johnson who was rated as the ” sexiest contestant at University Challenge ever”. Women power has also been prevailing. But least presence of Females in the finale has called a disappointment. They demand the equal participation of both the genders. Throwing light on the incident of another female contestant Gail Trimble in 2009. She was badly mocked and questioned whether she was a transgender or not. The questions were asked due to her looks. the point to ponder is that the female contestants of University Challenge have always been in the spotlight.

University Challenge
University challenge

The management behind the University Challenge seems to deny the inequality for females. They clearly said that they have nothing to do with this. It was an open merit show for both the genders.

Although the finals are over and the show went well but this tag of gender discrimination has been assigned to the title. Hoping for the best that the authorities will try to compensate this in the coming years.