Mafia III
(Image: dualshockers)

Mafia III release date has been announced recently. It will be released on October 7th this year. The whole action is taking place around New Bordeaux. The gun battle covers the maximum action that takes place in the game. It involves a political and historical drama.

The ones who have played the GTA–style sandbox games will be able to get hold of this game pattern easily. New Bordeaux is the playground on which all the action is planned. Mafia III announcement comes along with The story which revolves around a war time vet named Lincoln Clay who gets involved and trapped into the clutches of the underworld. This time, it comes with a warning that it shall be including issues like racism. But it doesn’t only cater to such serious issues. It has few funny moments as well. So it is quite interesting in that way.

Set in the 60’s the game involves techniques used in preparing documentaries. The survivor interview makes it even more interesting. It also utilizes Senate recordings. The playground covers an enormous amount of space for cars to drive around and for the crime scenes to take place. We can see Lincoln performing some gory acts with the knife while confronting the criminals. The criminals are seen taking down the whole city. This is how the entire city is brought to live in Mafia III.


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