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Mafia 3 special Deluxe Edition October 7 is the scheduled date of release of the game for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.A gentle recall about the match: Developer Hangar 13 has created Mafia 3, and the fictionalized scene is set in 1968 in the New Orleans. You as a player will control the character called Lincoln Clay as he progresses in the world of organized crime of New Bordeaux.

2K Games has mentioned in a blog post that post-launch, different types of free content like new outfits for Lincoln and new weapons will be available for Mafia 3. There will also be open races where players can join. Additional car customization features will be there as well.

mafia-3-special-deluxe-edition-offer-dont-miss-out (1)

Get set and go with your fleet!  There are a series of races which you can enter and win awesome rewards! You can also earn money and get new customization options for your car. We will keep you updated about how these races will exactly shape up in the future.

Mafia 3 special Deluxe Edition will now have three paid story-based expansions. These will come with new outfits, weapons, cars, and races. Let’s take a closer look at various options for purchasing these expansions:

  1. You can purchase them separately.
  2. You can buy Season Pass for $29.99, where all three expansions are available as part of the game.
  3. You can pre-order Mafia 3 for $59.99
  4. You can buy the Deluxe Edition for $79.99 which comes with Seasons Pass content as well as the main game.


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