Mafia 3 Release Date
(Credits : Youtube)

The third installment of the “Mafia” series will be hitting the stores soon as the Mafia 3 Release Date is set to be on October 7, 2016, and that is just a little over a week away! Hangar 13’s newest piece of work will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox one, so fans, no matter what preferred gaming gear can enjoy the much awaited Mafia III that made fans wait almost six years.

The Mafia 3 game will be set in a 1960’s world and the story will revolve around Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam War veteran slash biracial orphan. In a trailer of the game, fans are shown a glimpse of the storyline and the New Bordeaux world.

While the setting of the game being quite a challenge being in the 1960’s, Hanger 13 did a splendid job with the game’s graphics as it is very impressive. Some may say it is a candidate for ‘Game of the Year’ award for pulling off a realistic and beautiful 1960s world with a matching Rolling Stone soundtrack.

Every Mafia game is known for its rich storytelling and hypnotic setting and Mafia 3 did not break that trend. Mafia 3, while flaunting an open world environment was filled with impressive aesthetics and elements to the game.

Mafia 3 will let the player play as the biracial orphan Lincoln Clay as he wages war against the Italian Mafia in an effort to avenge the bloody murder of his family, and on his side is the Voodoo Queen Cassandra.


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