macos sierra available
(Image: techredar)

As of Today, MacOS Sierra is now available for download and it will be automatically integrated into your system if it is compatible and if you have enough free space.

The MacOS Sierra has been launched and the download will be done automatically if you have automatic downloads enabled in your App Store’s settings. The MacOS Sierra will not be automatically downloaded if it finds that your system does not have enough space to cater to the update file. According to the loop:

“Apple is also being smart about the download. If your computer is low on space, macOS Sierra will not download. In addition, if it has downloaded and your computer starts to get low on space, the download will be automatically deleted.”

There is still the option to pass on the MacOS Sierra upgrade, if you find that it is not for you, you may opt to disable automatic downloads in your iTunes. Apple is merely nudging the users to the direction of upgrading to MacOS Sierra but it is definitely still up to the user.

What to expect with the new MacOS Sierra?

  • The MacOS Sierra will be having a Universal Clipboard, meaning you can copy on one device, and paste it on another.
  • There is an Auto Unlock with Apple Watch feature, meaning if you are wearing your Apple Watch, no password typing Is required.
  • iCloud Drive will let you access the files on your Mac directly on your iPhone.
  • Optimized Storage feature means that the MacOS Sierra can automatically transfer rarely used files to iCloud to save room for storage.


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