There is good news and there is bad news for Apple fans who have been eagerly waiting for the MacBook Pro 2016 to be announced. On Tuesday morning, a report came in that says that the MacBook Pro 2016 will launch this month, but there is a catch. Despite Apple keeping mum about their latest laptop, the device is still likely to launch by late 2016, however, the MacBook Pro 2016 will not have any standard USB ports, which is now the biggest complaint about the MacBook Pro 2016.

Apple has been fearless in making such decisions short term for the sake of a long term goal, just like how they bravely ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack, the company has done the same with standard USB ports, possibly forcing the users to evolve along with the product. In the case of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus losing their headphone jacks, this was a move to nudge users to use the Lightning port and their new wireless headphones.

The previous MacBook Pro last year, the giant tech company did not include an adapter when they dropped the USB 3.0 ports, and for the sake of making the device as thin as possible, they opted for the USB Type-C port to be the only USB port on the notebook. It is worth saying that this lead to many fan complaints which resulted in the fans purchasing a hub to make more connections possible at once.

In other news, the MacBook Pro 2016 is reported to be released next week as well as the MacBook Air 2016, if this is true fans will not have to wait long to see if the report about the MacBook Pro 2016 is accurate.


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