Macbook pro 2016 release date

Is it the right time for new MacBook Pro 2016 updates accompanying with iPhone 7 on 7 September?

MacBook Pro is currently available in 2 sizes: 13 inches Model (updated in March 2015) and 15 inches Model (updated in May 2015). We were expecting for new MacBook Pro models lately on 21st March during the Apple’s spring event, but they didn’t even took a glance at Mac’s at all and this happened again at the “WWDC” on 13 June 2016.

Do you know when the new MacBook Pro 2016 version coming out to hit the crowd? You’ll find out everything, and there’s far more stuffs to know about MacBook Pro 2016 release date including features.

Macbook pro 2016 release date

You might be here after rumors about the Apple’s event which is going to be hosted on 7th September and you might be hoping as well for the new MacBook Pro update definitely. But unfortunately, we wouldn’t advise you to keep your expectation high because we’re expecting for announcement of MacBook Pro literally after October with the new upcoming iPad event.

As per, in the WWDC 2016 event, we were confirm about the new MacBook Pro going to be announced, but there was not a single clue for the update in a row, So we got nothing but disappointment. Announcement was on 13 June 2016 consist of amazing deal of new stuffs like ” MacOS Sierra and Hot deal of hefty iOS 10 updates, but none hardware announcements at all,

Apple? Can we get new updates a bit quickly please? What you guys doing? Apple?


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