Macbook pro 2016 release date

Finally, rumors have proven to be true as the MacBook Pro 2016 has been released during the recent October 27 Apple event. It seems that the tech giant has been working on the MacBook Pro 2016 for a long time and was dedicated to providing improved specs and features.

The new Apple laptop has been released in two models, one is a 13-inches while the other model is 15-inches. Under the hood, the laptop is also amazing as it sports a sixth-generation Core i7 processor, 4GB RAM, an ATI Radeon Pro graphics card and a whopping 2TB SDD. Apple claims that the MacBook Pro 2016 is 50% faster than its predecessor. IT seems that the MacBook Pro 2016 13-inch model costs $1,499. Note that the 15-inch model has 16GB of RAM available.

The new OLED touch screen proves to be an impressive feature to have on the much-awaited MacBook Pro 2016. As per BGR, the OLED touch screen is placed on the upper portion of the keyboard, hence replacing the traditional function keys found in other laptops. This neat new feature is customizable to the user’s liking and the functionality also changes based on the app that is currently active. Currently known apps that work in harmony with the new OLED touch screen are Safari, Apple Maps, Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop and more. The new OLED touch bar can also provide photo editing tools while looking through your photos and offers additional navigation controls.

Although several rumors were proven true, there is one that was thankfully denied. There has been a fear spreading on the internet that the MacBook Pro 2016 would follow the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus’ footsteps and ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack. It is now confirmed that the MacBook Pro 2016 is equipped with the beloved headphone jack and it is found safely located on the right side of the laptop.


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