Macbook air 2017

Fans are eager for a new Apple Laptop especially since it has been far too long since the line received a much-needed upgrade and the tech giant is expected to release a new MacBook Air 2017. Though the line for MacBook Air isn’t as bad as the MacBook Pro line, fans are still waiting on a whole new version of the lightweight laptop.

It was not left unnoticed that the MacBook Air line has lost the interest of the multinational company, especially because the laptop line did not receive any mention on during the Apple event earlier this year. The focus of the said event revolved around the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and there was no mention what so ever about a new MacBook air product. All this has been leading to the theory that Apple will stop producing MacBook Air laptops. If fans do get the MacBook Air 2017 it may actually be the last.

The chief analyst at Jackdaw Research, Jan Dawson tells MacWorld that “This wasn’t the MacBook Air, but instead leaped past the Air. They kept the MacBook Air around just as they do with older iPhones, but the MacBook is now in the same position as the newest iPhone. That makes me wonder if the Air will go away over time,” Everything is sketchy about the new MacBook Air 2017, the only thing that can be expected is that it will be thinner and lighter compared to its predecessor.

Moreover, there may also be new cooling modules and frame designs. A new battery may also be thrown into the mix, a new Intel processor and maybe improved RAM. The new laptop is also expected to have a Retina display along with improved graphics. Lastly, the MacBook Air 2017 may be replacing the regular USB ports with a USB-C port.


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