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Tech fans are beyond disappointed when Apply did not release any official statements about the MacBook Air 2016. Since the tech giant is still keeping the new smartphone, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus under the spotlight. Many fans were focused on the new iPhone models, but a few were actually hoping for a new portable computer to be released by Apple. Many people agree that it has been quite some time since the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro series have seen an upgrade and it is believed that they are very much due for one.

Though the MacBook Air 2016 Release Date is still unknown, fans and critics alike have their own fair share of speculations about the specs and features people can expect when the MacBook Air 2016 Release Date finally comes.

Some reports indicate however that there is a chance that the MacBook Air series will be discontinued in order to pave the way for the MacBook Pro line, which is said to have all the features of the laptop/notebook series. That being said, the MacBook Pro may be Apple’s flagship laptop in the near future.

One of the most recent reports state that the MacBook Air 2016 may actually feature Apple’s digital assistant, also known as Siri. The new laptop model is also said to have a USB Type-C connector. This is very likely since most tablets and smartphones today have this upgrade. Moreover, the new MacBook Air would also flaunt a thinner and light chassis.


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