Macbook Air 2016

Intel’s seventh generation processor Intel Kaby Lake will not be implemented on the MacBook Air 2016 according to a new report. Instead, the MacBook Air 2016 will have the Intel Skylake under is its hood, much to the disappointment of the fans awaiting this new device.

As per Rhoda Alexander, the IHS Markit Technology director for tablets and notebooks, Apple was said to have begun the development and production of the MacBook Air 2016 on the second quarter of 2016. Unfortunately, during that time, the seventh generation Intel processor was not yet available, hence the MacBook Air 2016 will have the Intel Skylake instead.

During an interview with Forbes, The IHS Technology director had this to say regarding the processor issue: “Given the timing of the start of production, inclusion of Kaby Lake chip appears unlikely,” If this will be the case for the MacBook Air 2016, the new laptop will not be able to benefit from what the Intel Kaby has to offer, which is namely better graphics performance compared to that of the Intel Skylake.

As for the release of the MacBook Air 2016, Alexander said that the new 13.3-inch laptop will be released on October.

With regard to specs and features, it is said that the MacBook Air 2016 will have a multi-functional USB-C port implemented, and will be powered by the AMD Polaris graphics card. It is also said that the MacBook Air 2016 will have the new MacOS Sierra which means that Apple’s favorite digital assistant known as Siri will be available for the new MacBook Air 2016.


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