The MacBook Pro 2016 seems to be inching closer and closer and along with it, all its cool features! One of the most popular features that the new MacBook Pro 2016 has is the OLED Touchpad panel, and a patent has revealed its official name, the Magic Toolbar. The Magic Toolbar is located on the top portion of the MacBook Pro 2016 keyboard and this is definitely a new thing for Apple laptops since the brand does not usually implement touchscreens on their laptop devices, however the MacBook Pro 2016 Magic Toolbar will be a long touch screen panel that will have shortcuts and these can change based on the activity on your monitor or the application that is active as you work. This information is based on the statement of the branding expert Brian Conroy from Remnick Solicitors.

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As per Conroy, the lawyers who filed for ownership of the AirPods to be under Apple are the same bunch who did so for the international Magic Toolbar filings. According to Apple Insider, Apple has already filed the trademark for the Magic Toolbar under “Presto Apps America LLC,” a mobile service engine company. To support this, there is a reported transaction between the two giant companies back in January held in the United States.

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Moreover, fans are excited about the October 27th Mac Event announcement and the new specifications, design, and features of the new MacBook Pro 2016 may be revealed during this event, thus either confirming or dissing all the rumors that have been floating about on the internet till this day!


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