Luke Richardson Is The Youngest Athlete to Total Over 1,000kg

Richardson is just 21 and he became the youngest athlete to total over 1.000 kg (2.203 lbs.). However, he did it in sleeves, what was even more impressive.

Just a few athletes have managed to accomplish this strength feat. Eric Lilliebridge, the legend of powerlifting, was the holder of this accolade at the age of 22 prior to Richardson’s accomplishment. Apart of this amazing total, Luke hit a ton of huge lifted, as well, and completed the heaviest squat ever in a sanctioned British powerlifting meeting.

Richardson finished with 880 lbs. lift for the squat, what made him the owner of the heaviest squat ever in British powerlifting sport.

Watch his smooth squat below.

As to bench press, Luke hit a 486 lb. press and he even seemed to be warming up. After that, Richardson completed a ridiculously easy 837 lbs. deadlift, which topped his current IPF junior 10kg world record.

These lifts awarded Richardson his monumental 2.205 lb. total and another unofficial IPF world record in the junior category.

Richardson seems to accomplish a new feat each time when competing. At the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships in June, Luke put on a dominating performance in the 120+ junior weight class and created a new IPF deadlift world record with 815 lbs.


Luke Richardson grows as an athlete within the last couple of year, so let’s wait for his new accomplishments in the sport.

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