Lost Soul Aside
(Credits: YouTube)

When the trailer of Lost Soul Aside was released back in July, it certainly captured the interest of many gaming fans. Lost Soul Aside is actually a Solo game project and now, the indie developer says that he will have a collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment to create Lost Soul Aside. Solo game designer, Yang Bing has stated on his Twitter account that Sony will be supporting his project. The tweet read: “I have got support from Sony and will work on it with some other devs,” After the said tweet was posted, Bing received a lot of  fan messages asking when the game will be released and of the progress of the game.

Other than Sony, Bing is also planning to work with other game developers to make it possible to release Lost Soul Aside by 2018. The fact that Lost Soul Aside will be developed by Sony means that the game will be a timed exclusive on PlayStation 4 and with regard to this Yang Bing said that the game will come with “Multi weapons”.

Lost Soul Aside was inspired by Final Fantasy XV according to the Bing on the game’s official Facebook page. Bing explained that the inspiration is the reason behind the similarity of the characters and the setting of the game as well. Kazer and Ventas, the two main characters of the game were included in the trailer and Bing even asked fan “Who will win between the two”

Fans are definitely waiting on the outcome of Lost Soul Aside and are curious about its development phase. However, according to the development team, it is not yet certain if there will be a demo or a testing version of Lost Soul Aside.


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