Here is why Google is honoring Los Glaciares National Park

Where is Los Glaciares National Park??

The Los Glaciares National Park situated in the Austral Andes of southwest Argentina, near the Chilean border. Its range of glaciers consists of Perito Moreno, well known for its intense icefalls from its rear display, into Lake Argentino. In the north, Mount Fitz Roy’s sharp top upsurges beyond the mountain town of El Chaltén and Lake Viedma. The park is living to countless birds, such as condors and black-chested buzzard eagles.

Why is Google Doodling Los Glaciares National Park ?

LOS Glaciares National Park marks its 80th anniversary today. To push the boat out Google has honored special Doodle highlighting the park’s renowned ice cap.

The Los Glaciares National Park is well-known for its huge ice cap. It is the largest in the world outer of Antarctica and Greenland. Though, known after the manifold glaciers that create at its end. Today, Los Glaciares National Park will celebrate 80 years ever since its official initiation as a federal secure part in 1937. Unesco called Los Glaciares the world’s heritage location in 1981. It is known as one of the most striking spot in the world.

 Here’s are some interesting facts about Los Glaciares.

The huge area is covered by ice in Los Glaciares National Park

The gigantic Patagonian ice cap hiding place nearly 30% of the park, and overlaps the two lagoons that link to Los Glaciares. The cap really covers plentiful of the Andes mountains, and this expands into other national parks across South America.

Los Glaciares National Park is one of South America’s largest national parks

Los Glaciares National Park is situated across 2,800 square miles. It is the largest national park in Argentina, and one of the largest in South America. It is  on the boundary with Chile in the south of Argentina. So the temperature is cooler than in other part of the continent.

Los Glaciares National Park surrounds disputed land

Despite the fact, that no great battles have been battled over the snowy zones, Chile and Argentina have claimed over parts of the park. The argument has been through many decades ago and is still fiercely challenge. The two countries expect for international negotiation on the boundary.

Los Glaciares National Park well known for its glaciers

The Los Glaciares National Park has other 47 large glaciers. The multifold of ice that gradually transfers under its own mass, are what the national park is famous for. Whereas, in Los Glaciares National Park the glaciers are rare because they flinch at beneath 1,500 meters beyond sea level compared to 2,500 meters for many glaciers. This makes it the world’s most stunning looking spots.

Los Glaciares National Park’s glaciers are developing and not melting

A glacier creates when adequate ice gathers in the similar space that it starts to manifold together into an ice mountains. Annually, much snowfall can mean the glacier folds in new snow and develops more.

Worldwide glaciers are melting as the world warmth gets up, but the Perito Moreno glacier, it is famous in Los Glaciares range, and is expanding. Experts have no strong result on why it is expanding.

How to visit Los Glaciares National Park?

For courageous tourists eager to make the trip down to the Patagonia area, the pay offs are countless and Los Glaciares has develop a famous vacationer’s stay. However, if you are want to visit airlifts will get you to Buenos Aires, and then, there are systematic buses transits to main cities and stress-free entree to the park by bus from Track 40.