What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an employment, recruiting and job searching social networking business site. It works through app and website around the globe. Its formation was done in 2002 by a team ran by Mr. Reid Hoffman. LinkedIn is emerging as the best business network with more than a half billion connections individually around the world


The social networking site origination was complete in 28th December,2002 and was later launch on 5th May 2003. The sites main focus is on recruitment for the employees and job seekers. The employees post the jobs whereas the job seekers post there CV’s. Mostly, its revenue in 2005 was coming from the selling the info of its recruiters and sales professional. Third of the people in UK are connecting to LinkedIn by having profiles hence makes London the most connecting country of the world.

Upward inclined sales.

According to the Jo Swann, the Managing Director of Chocolate PR. He says that it is a magnificent for those who are focused on sales. One can find the potential buyers from the site if the individual is connected and publishing. He adds that,

“Spam invites are not well received, and why should they be? It’s no better than cold calling. But combine targeted connecting with blog post publishing and effective use of personal and corporate updates and you can build an audience interested in your knowledge and insights as you can then demonstrate the value you can add as a connection.”


Mr. Keith White who is responsible for search engine optimization at Dobell Menswear says that the site was an easy business contact making and finding website. But now many users are reporting about the frustration of being bombarded of recruiters. HE thinks that the concentration has been now less focused and measured he adds that,

“A quick scroll through received messages will often result in maybe one or two per cent of useful messages and the rest spammy sales pitch – which is shame. It used to be the case that you’d read every message you received, but now it’s a case of selecting and deleting all, as there is little chance any are worthwhile.”

Concentrated searches:

According to the director at The TypeFace Group Ms. Natalie Weaving that the site is a gift to those who are time ppoor and looking to sell the product by focusing on their target. “By being clever with searches and looking at who is beneficial at your target business, you can often get the contact details for the decision maker you are looking for,” she adds.

Premium Subscriptions:

The premium subscription values each penny says President of The Creative Communication Group. He says that, “LinkedIn makes it easy for our recruitment team to identify and connect with top talent. It’s save us a fortune in head hunter recruitment fees. It also makes it simple to stay in touch with friends, associates, clients and prospects.”

Brand Aawareness

It is an instrument of communication, it is a very effective way for building brand awareness and involve with customers, suppliers and employees. He finds the platform very beneficial for celebrating the success and disseminating the about the critical issues among the followers. Exclaimed by the communication manager at Alphabet.


The user statistics at LinkedIn depicts that the UK is most efficient country around the world. After the UK comes the UAE with average connections of 211, Netherland is 88 and Singapore is 152. Still London is ahead of every other city, with an average of 307 connections, 288,241,225,221 respectively for Amsterdam, San Francisco, Jakarta and Milan are on top five after London.

Excluding the spams and FB type posts still LinkedIn manages to cross the 500million users that really make a difference.