FIFA 15 tries to show more emotional intelligence in the game scenario than any of its predecessors. This feature is designed to let the players show more authentic behavior when presented with any special scenario in the game. And, as emotional intelligence rules decisive capabilities of the players, this means putting more pressure on the players. So the players in FIFA 15 make more mistakes when they are under pressure. As a result, the players’ behaviors move in and out of smartness. This scenario affects the goalkeepers most.


FIFA 15 is now moving away from the former games of the series. The focus now is not on defensive game or ball control. Rather it is taking an aggressive and dynamic tone. Last two games might not have played up to your expectations. You might have bored by their slow pace, or by falling over in the field. But this new game of the series promises to be the series’ best game. The developers, after two years of unsatisfying trials, at last found out that FIFA can mean to be fun.


Structure of the game is a lot similar to FIFA 14. The most overwhelming choice you get in single-player campaign is still Career mode. In this mode you are tempted to take a player or manager through several seasons so he can build a successful national and international career. This mode was seen in the last years’ games as be a Pro and Be a Manager. In these modes you used to get one over another match, accepting or dodging transfer requests and loans. You still have the option to play with a view point of single player or you may like to play with the whole team. You can choose either but team-playing is choice of most gamers. When you stand for your chosen player and not just for your team, you get real motivation to act. You own the player, his achievements and mistakes.


The game is available to be played both in line and offline. This year you are able to, not just collect your favorite players and adding them into your team rather, set up synergies and links. This enables the players to work in their right positions and coordinate with their teammates. Now you do not have a bunch of great players rather it is an unstoppable, goal scoring team.


The visuals resemble those of real TV coverage. You get commentary from Martin Tyler and Adam Smith that is just fantastic. Everything is now more like real. Even hairstyles of the players are now what they actually use to be in real life. The most mind blowing part, however, is the detail. You will get expressions of emotions when any opportunity is missed, or they secure a goal, or when they know that their team is 4-0 up.


Actions are more fluid than they were in FIFA 13 and 14. Now the attackers are equipped more chances. Defensive tactics need to be sharp in order to prevent the goal.


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