The Ex-One Direction vocalist, Liam Payne was promoting his new debut single on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio One show today.

Liam Payne is invited in Nick Grimshaw’s Radio One breakfast show today to discuss his new single Strip That Down and was inquired about the first time he and Cheryl met on the talent show.

The 23 years, rapidly replied: “She doesn’t like to talk about that.” To avoid an uncomfortable moment, Liam Payne assured to talk to Nick about it in private off air. Liam Payne was talking about the 10-year age gap with his baby’s mom, Cheryl for the first time, confessing that she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Liam Payne has been dating Cheryl, who is 33 now, for almost two years. They delivered their first kid naming Bear Grey Payne, in March.

But for Cheryl the age gap is a little of a touchy matter. As Liam was in his early teen at the time and Cheryl was a judge in X Factor. They never knew, they’d end up drooling in love in future.

Nick asked: “‘Cause it is mad, like you auditioned for X Factor when she was a judge on X Factor.”

And Liam jumped in, saying: “Yeah but we don’t want to talk about that. She doesn’t like to talk about that.”

“Okay, let’s not talk about this,” said Nick. “Can we talk about this in private?”

“Yeah, okay,” Liam settles.

Nick again asked Liam if he’d ever like to be a judge on X Factor, referring all his successes he got after the show and said, “And you’re only 12.”

Liam giggled, and said: “She’s going to be really offended that you called me 12 by the way.”.

Liam discussed: “A few people have been in touch. My Mrs was up early this morning and she was like, ‘It’s all going well, it’s going good’.”

Nick said: “I messaged her yesterday and I said, ‘Will you call in? Will you come on tomorrow and I’ll say to Liam we’ve got a super fan on line one’.”

Though, Liam said its really simple to guess, though she didn’t came but she did send in a question for him.

Nick said: “Genuine question, she said, ‘are you ever coming home? What time you going to be home?’ No, she said she’s very excited for you but she also said, ‘You should ask him about Bedroom Floor that’s one of my favorites’.”

In explanation Liam said: “Bedroom Floor was the single before this was the single. So naturally, it can only be the next one so it’s going to be my next one. I don’t even know if I’m allowed to say that yet.”

Liam shared that Cheryl is “brutal” and “honest” about his new compositions.

He claimed: “There’s a song that I’ve written on the album and she’s just like, ‘Nah I hate it, it’s crap’.”

“There was a little bit of me that died inside when she said it. I’m kidding. She has to be honest with me. I wouldn’t want her to feed me any ‘nonsense’.”

As he was leaving London studio, Liam greet his fans by hugging them and taking selfies.