LG V20 vs Google Pixel XL
(Image : Youtube)

Since Samsung has officially raised a white flag and discontinued the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after a long battle with exploding batteries, people who own the phablet, now have the option to ask for a refund or replace it, so which phablet is the best replacement? The LG V20 or the Google Pixel XL?

There is definitely an empty throne to fight for in the world of premium phablets, now that the Galaxy Note 7 has officially dropped out of the picture. People are now choosing a replacement for the faulty, fire-prone Note 7. The Google Pixel XL and the LG V20 are obvious choices, which one is better, though?

The two devices are nearly on par in terms of specifications and quality. The LG V20 sports a glass and aircraft-grade aluminum as its body, giving it a very premium aesthetic which is similar to the iPhone 7. The two Android phablets have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon under their hoods and great cameras that can dish out awesome images due to QHD technology.

To dig deeper, the Google Pixel XL has the better processor which is faster than that of the LG V20, as the Pixel XL has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 while the other has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. As for the RAM, both phablets have 4GB DDR4 Ram. The LG V20 has a 32GB and a 64GB unit while the Google Pixel XL has a 32 GB plus a 128GB model, but the latter is not expandable via the use of micro SD cards.

In terms of battery, the Google Pixel Xl takes the cake, having a larger 3450mAh battery while the LG V20 only has the 3200mAh battery. At this point, as long as it does not explode, we’re good. Another win for the Google Pixel XL is the camera, the Pixel XL the highest DxOMark rating, beating even the iPhone 7 Plus, making it the best camera equipped on a smartphone to date.

The price for an LG V20 is at around $800 with several colors to choose from including Pink, Silver, and Titan. While the Google Pixel XL is priced at $770 for the 32 GB unit. It seems with all this considered, the Google Pixel XL comes out as the winner.



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