Charles Murphy
Charles Murphy the great comedian died at 57.

After fighting against leukemia for two years Charles Murphy finally found peace last Wednesday. The Brooklyn native died a day back at the age of 57. The publicists confirmed the news by telling that he has been receiving chemotherapy sessions and now he is at his best finally.

The death of Charles Murphy; Star of Chappelle’s show and the older brother of Eddie Murphy is indeed a loss.

Charles Murphy was a great star. He was a versatile actor. He has been working at the Chappelle’s show as a leading star. His comedy skills have always brought a smile on everyone’s face. One of his kind he was the best the industry could ever have.

Co-star neal Brennan said: ” Charles literally changed my life!”.

Charles Murphy’s acting skills were visible all the way long. He showed his talent in Black Jesus. He was also a writer in a film Vampires in Brooklyn directed by his younger brother Eddie Murphy. His matchless expressions and uncomparable gestures made him a superstar.

His companion Chris Rock said: ” We have lost funniest of the real brothers in the form of Charles Murphy”.

Charles Murphy made hi debut in 1989 in the film of his younger brother Eddie Murphy named Harlem Nights. 

Charles Murphy
Charles and Eddie Murphy the two brothers.

The presence of cancer seems to be in the family. In 2009, Charles Murphy’s wife died fighting cervical cancer and now he himself ended up with leukemia; blood cancer. 

Charles Murphy was always founded defending his young brother Eddie Murphy.

From their lives, it seems so that they shared a great bond. Charles Murphy has been a part of many of the films directed by Eddie Murphy. His death proves to be a great loss to Eddie Murphy; emotionally and professionally. Charles has always been a guiding light for Eddie Murphy and now it’s his part to continue his brother’s legacy.

Charles’s co-stars will always remember him. He was best man to have.

After the confirmation of his death there a wave of grief all over. Other than his family his co-stars were touched deeply at this moment. They say they will never forget him. It is a moment of great grief but they are happy that they get to know such a lively person. A person who lived by his ideas. Who made others laugh just by his gestures.

A true comedian and a real actor a very supportive brother; Charles Murphy are no more with us. May the departed soul rest in peace. He will always stay in our hearts! Cheers to him.