FIFA 17 Release Date
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The demo version of all EA games are released a couple of weeks before the full release. When it comes to heavyweight games such as FIFA, they usually announce dates during the E3 conference which is sometime in June/July.

Let’s take a look at the dates on which the last three FIFA games were released:

FIFA 16: 22nd September 2016
FIFA 15: 23rd September 2014
FIFA 14: 23rd September 2013

The demo versions of these games were released on:

FIFA 16: 8th September 2015
FIFA 15: 9th September 2014
FIFA 14: 10th September 2013

According to this pattern, FIFA 17 should be released around the 22nd-23rd of September 2016.

All of EA’s franchise games are usually released in September. The release dates may be a few days apart on different gaming platforms. The date will also depend on the time zone and region. The demo version of the game is free to play across consoles. The installation takes around 5 GB of space. There is no demo version for Android or iOS players. They will just have to wait for the full version.

These are just our predictions based on the release dates from previous years. The official dates are going to get updated within the coming days. Stay tuned for the latest on FIFA 17. You can rest assured that we will keep you updated with all news related to FIFA 17, and as soon as an official release date has been announced, you will see it here first.

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