(Credits : 33rdsquare.com)

The keen interest of Mark Zuckerberg and other key players of Facebook in diversifying Facebook, is making waves. It is likely that in near future, the company would not be a social networking site but instead a more diverse phenomenon. The designs of expanding Facebook came with the acquisition of Oculus VR by the Facebook and thus we can expect that there is more likely to happen in this regard in the near future.

Seeing the insane craze attached with artificial intelligence, Facebook decided to plunge in to the phenomenon. Moreover, a significant progress is being observed as far as the artificial intelligence software is concerned as so many features have been added to it. Moreover, the talented Facebook’s AI Research team has also bombarded so many information regards to Artificial Intelligence.

The latest buzz about Facebook’s artificial intelligence is that it has program that would generate fake images and hoodwinking humans into believing they’re real. Moreover, the factual position so far is that there are as many as 40% of the images that hoodwinked users and the other 60% that are being inaccurate and are simply not able to trick anyone into believing they’re actually real. As efforts have been made in this regard, that is why; we can believe that the accuracy of Facebook artificial intelligence is going to make waves in the near future.



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