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“Old is Gold”

The same saying goes for old-school phones that are getting so much attention these days and that is why, we are witnessing the increase in sales of these handsets. The excessiveness of touch screens gadgets has turned out to be a tiresome phenomenon and that is why a need is felt on behalf of the customers to have in hand the traditional handset.

If you are a fan of old-schooled phones then there is good news for you as Microsoft has launched Nokia 230 to help you out with enjoying traditional usage of phones. Nokia 230, which is the successor of last year’s Nokia 130, is an amazing phone that reminds of phones that were used years back. The coolest thing about this phone is that it cost around $55 and with this economical price, the phone is a good package.

The jaw-dropping phone, Nokia 230 is sophisticated aluminum body has been designed so artistically and gives a tough challenge to the latest phones. With a decent 2.8″ QVGA display, along with a selfie front-camera of 2MB pixel with 32GB external storage support is an amazing choice in such a low cost. The phone is offered in two models in which one is a dual-SIM model. Furthermore, the phone also gives you a wonderful internet experience when it comes to browsing pages and many more.

In nutshell, the phone with such an economical price and also so many applications is a worth-buying option.

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