(Courtesy : Xbox)

The fun of gaming is truly meaningless without XBOX ONE and that is why an insane amount is witnessed when it comes to playing games on it. If we have a look at the specifications, we will find out that it has an amazing Blu-Ray/DVD Optical Drive and a RAM of 8GB DDR3.

The device has a Flash Memory of 8GB and 8 Core AMD custom CPU. The device is powered by the GPU of Clock Speed 853 MHz (originally 800 MHz).

The mesmerizing feature about this device is that it has storage of 500 GB (5400 rpm) however; it has no hard drive non-replaceable and external Hard Drive support available.

The device has an amazing SmartGlass App on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8 and has a cloud Storage with Mandatory Game Installation facility.

The fun of gaming comes when you required no Internet Connection and this facility is available inside XBOX ONE where you can enjoy gaming without caring for internet.

The gaming can be an amazingly enchanting thing when you have chatting facility available in the shape of Cross Game Chat and Skype, Party Chat.

The Motion Control Kinect 2 and Voice Commands also make it a fun to watch. Moreover, the subscription service with Xbox Live, you can easily enjoy Online Play.

Moreover, the Live Streaming and Twitch.TV, you can enjoy the mesmerizing features on your amazing consoles. Overall, you can enjoy all the amazing features inside XBOX ONE and say yes to gaming.


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