Although the release of XBOX One has up to great extent, decrease the following and admiration for XBOX 360, yet most of the gaming experts still are of the opinion that Xbox 360 is undoubtedly the best console in the history of gaming. Most of the gaming fanatics would find it strange by knowing that Xbox 360 has turned out a best choice if compared with Xbox One when it comes to pricing. Still, it is also a fact that XBOX One has explored the gaming phenomenon in a true sense and has taken it to new horizons. However, most of the gaming fanatics would still find XBOX 360 console as the best option.

When it comes to pricing, XBOX 360 comparatively can turn out to be a handy option. While carrying out a brief research, you can find out that Xbox 360 is available in the range of £135 to £140 range.

As far as other specifications of Xbox 360 are concerned, you will find that it has a custom-design and also triple-core 64-bit power-based CPU. Moreover, this console offers you with an ATI Xenos chip, and you are having a choice of 512MB GDDR3 RAM clocked at 700MHz.

The coolest thing about XBOX 360 is that it gives you a wonderful gaming choice and you would be able to enjoy all your favorite games that won’t be available on the new console. If you are having your favorite game not available in the new console, then why not stick to XBOX 360 as it offers the best gaming choices in which you are a pro.

The final advice would be to opt for XBOX 360 if you want to save some buck and also enjoy a fascinating gaming experience. Let’s gear up for the best gaming extravaganza.


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