iOS speaks for itself when it comes to offering the best features to its users and in this regard, thanks to Apple for putting up a good show. iOS has truly an ideal operating system that has taken the smartphone industry by new havocs. Moreover, with the arrival of iOS 9, Apple has put on an amazing show and as the inclusion of exceptionally updated and mesmerizing features has made things amazing for us.

As far as virtual assistant is concerned, Siri that has been the odd one out in this regard and has been the best smartphone under consideration. Moreover, if you have Notes app, transit directions in Maps, Wallet app with store and loyalty cards, then there is obviously nothing to discuss as far as features enhancing is concerned.

When it comes to hardware, iOS 9 supports the same hardware as iOS 8 and is the best available option. Furthermore, the coolest thing about iOS 9 is that it comparatively occupy lesser space than iOS 8 and thus lefting us with more space options.

In iOS, they also have included Selfie and Screenshot albums in Photos and which is truly amazing. In addition, they also have added faster access to Apple Pay, and also low power mode thus making it the mist awesome application in the world.

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