(Credit: Neurogadget.com)

The list of breathtaking offerings by Apple is innumerable and we are indebted to Apple for the greatest favor that the company has been giving us for decades. One of such enchanting products offered by Apple is the Apple Watch that has been on sale for six months now. The amazing device created marvelous hype with its release and has been in the headlines ever since. However, the coolest thing about the Apple watch is the amazing set of accessories that include charging stands, protective cases, interchangeable straps, portable batteries and many more.

One of the amazing accessories is the Native Union’s DOCK for Apple Watch that is one of the widespread Apple Watch docks to take advantage of Nightstand mode. This new feature has earned a significant praise for the Apple Watch from all sides.

In addition, Native Union has also recently released the ANCHOR for Apple Watch. The brushed metal ANCHOR takes a slightly less in-your-face approach and offer an ideal option for all those who would love to have an uncluttered desk/bedside table. The coolest thing about this device is the non-slip silicon base that is ideal choice to ‘anchor’ the dock in place.

Another amazing accessory is the Timeless Moment that is an elegantly handcrafted Italian leather Apple Watch with the amazing charging system. Being available in four vibrant colors, the Moment’s arch shape help every Apple Watch and strap in fitting ideally and is held in place using magnets.

Moreover, there are also some other accessories that will make things amazing as far as the usage is concerned.


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