For most of the Nexus 7 users, the failure to qualify for the Android Marshmallow update was a shocking news, however, it was on the cards. Technically, there didn’t went anything wrong with the revelation as Android software for Nexus devices is supposed to be for two years. As far as though the Nexus 7 (2012) is concerned, the device was the odd one out to have enjoyed three years of support.

However, the industrious efforts of developers made everything possible and XDA Developer Forum’s senior member vocoderism takes all the credits in this regard. The ingenious team has come up with a wondrous solution in the shape of AOSP (Android Open Source Project) thus making 6.0 Marshmallow available for Nexus 7(2012).

The very first thing to follow in this regard is to download the AOSP 6.0 Marshmallow custom ROM and Google Apps on to your PC. By feeding Android Pure AOSP 6.0 Marshmallow custom ROM .zip file into device’s memory and turn-off the device after disconnecting from the PC. After this step, you have to perform the regular ‘Bootloader Mode’ sortie by press holding ‘Volume (up)’, ‘Volume (down)’ and ‘Power’ buttons.  Clear the device memory and go to factory reset in order to navigate power button to select options, while operating under Recovery Mode. Install zip from SD card and tap ‘choose zip from sdcard and go to Android 6.0 ROM for the installation process while opting for the reboot system and thus enjoy the best operating system on your device.


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