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Lethal Sepsis; She battled against it and won but it killed her son!

Lethal Sepsis; She battled against it and won but it killed her son!
Written by Scott Robert

Sepsis is a mortal killer and every year it kills almost 21% of the infants. This is an issue that has been neglected for a while now but all thanks to Melissa Mead and her partner, they have been heading a campaign to raise awareness against this serial infant killer known as sepsis.

“This Morning” anchor Holly Willoughby could not control her emotions when she heard about the struggles of Melissa Mead and how she dealt with post traumatic stress disorder following the death of her 12 months old baby William.

She reportedly broke down into tears and could not stop narrating the painful story of how NHS failed her son badly and it killed her.

The medical specialists failed to diagnose baby William’s case of sepsis and it took away his life.

Sepsis is also known as blood poisoning and indicates presence of toxins in the blood and tissues.

Lethal Sepsis; She battled against it and won but it killed her son!

Lethal Sepsis; She battled against it and won but it killed her son!

Mellisa Mead along with her partner came on the show “This Morning” to raise more awareness on the topic of sepsis and to gather more people for her campaign for which she has been working since December 2014. Even after months of battling depression and post traumatic stress disorder following the death of her beautiful baby boy William she came to know about the deadly killer that took away her son’s life Sepsis. She was naïve about this topic but now she is a master and knows all there is to know about this killer disease.

She came to know about it only during her sessions with her psychoanalyst while battling depression, since then there is no looking back and she has been educating mothers and families about this slaughterer.

Lethal Sepsis; She battled against it and won but it killed her son!

Lethal Sepsis; She battled against it and won but it killed her son!

How devastating is it to realize that if only she knew her child suffered from sepsis she could have saved her beautiful boy. Sigh!


Sepsis, not only attacks young infants and newborns it also victimizes on every immunologically weak being. Melissa Mead herself suffered from it back in 2011 when she had a surgery and it was post surgical infection that almost killed her.


This Morning show’s anchor Holly Willoughby broke down in tears while listening to sepsis activist Melissa Mead she could not control her tears and apologized to audience for getting emotional on national television. Tears were rolling down the anchors face after all it was such a heart wrenching story. She struggled to continue with the show but apologized and began again.

Melissa Mead’s baby boy William died of sepsis after suffering a severe chest infection in December 2014. NHS kept on misguiding her and misdiagnosed her son’s condition. They kept on insisting that her son suffered from a viral infection even after other symptoms like vomiting, body aches and fever lingered for several days.

Lethal Sepsis; She battled against it and won but it killed her son!

She said on live television that her son suffered from the condition for straight seven weeks before losing his battle to sepsis.

She says she does not even know who is responsible for the death of her beloved son?

The doctors who misdiagnosed his condition, NHS helpline officials who are not medically related yet are trained representatives and call handlers hired to deal with health issues.  

Saying all this she sobbed while holding her son’s brown teddy bear. How merciless can life and situations be sometimes? You cannot really control life and death but you can play your part in creating awareness regarding this lethal killer and making people realize that timely management can save the life of the patient.

NHS should hire trained medical staff only to guide the callers rather than non-medical professionals who cannot interpret the danger signs of sepsis.

Let’s guide you and educate you about the danger signs of sepsis

The child becomes listless is irritable. His appearance changes from being healthy to pale blue or mottled. The child starts developing fever, malaise, body aches and fits. If the condition further deteriorates child goes unconscious has difficulty breathing and lastly loses its battle against this deadly disease.

Mothers should be educated about this condition so they can immediately take their child to emergency without wasting a moment.

This is Melissa Mead’s motto to save a life before sepsis can snatch a beautiful child from its parents. Every life counts and we need to work on the philosophy that every life matters and only prevention is better than cure.

Melissa Mead has started this movement now it is up to us to be the torchbearers and change this campaign in to a movement. Change yourself before changing the world; educate yourself before seeking help from others. Mother is the best doctor she spends the majority of time with her kids and hence can make the best diagnosis regarding her child’s condition.

With this I’ll sign off praying for every child to have a safe and healthy life.


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