Let us all say goodbye to Daylight Saving
Let us all say goodbye to Daylight Saving

Daylight Savings is ending for good!


This weekend will be longer than usual since Daylight Savings is ending! Isn’t that amazing now? Forty nine hours long weekend instead of forty eight, since everyone hates Mondays!

Let us all say goodbye to Daylight Saving
Let us all say goodbye to Daylight Saving

Turn your clock back by one hour enjoy an extra hour on the weekend, sixty more minutes of fun, sleeping around and enjoying life before the Monday hits very hard and you have to come back to reality.

Amidst all the mixed reaction to ending of Daylight Savings here is a positive one to cherish the weekend will be forty nine hours long instead of the usual forty eight hours

There is an easy way to remember how to set your wall clocks.

Spring forward in spring and fall backwards in fall!

Fall indicates falling of golden mulberry leaves in autumn that embellish the garden and their rustling is music to the ears and soul and spring as you all know is the season of flowers blooming full of love and colors.

Since Daylight savings is ending this Saturday April 1, 2017. Let us all bid it a warm farewell and discuss what effects it will have on our health.


This Saturday April 1, 2017 will officially mark as the end of summer in countries like Australia and New Zealand, lately you have been noticing that on your way back home it must be getting very dark indeed and you would try rushing home as soon as possible. Well this is not at all your fault, summer has officially ended and winter is here! It is time to get your coats, war shrugs and uggs out. The season of hot chocolate and caramel coffee is here, the season to sit by the fire place and enjoy your favorite book in the dim yellow light of the lamp. Wow what a vision it is!

Let us all say goodbye to Daylight Saving
Let us all say goodbye to Daylight Saving

Since I am not a summer person, I am very happy that the winter is here and finally clocks will fall back by one hour. Wohoo! Not that I know what it actually means but still I am pretty glad that the hot scotching sun would not be there every single day to greet you with sunburns.


Well your clock falling one hour behind and you following daylight saving so what does it mean?

Not only will your day start early and you will not have to stride through the dark streets while walking your way back to home but it will also have noticeable effects on your health, lifestyle, body and mind.

Clocks falling back an hour can cause bouts and bouts of cluster headaches in the younger population.

Cluster headaches will be a significant problem in coming six to eight weeks so what are cluster headaches and what triggers them?

Cluster headaches can be describes as the worst headache of your life and are usually triggered by the change in the natural rhythm of your body, men are supposedly more affected by it than women.

Good luck to all the male population!

Ending of daylight savings will instigate depression and anxiety!


Sleeping an extra hour and walking through the dark streets will trigger depression in women a lot more than men. A Danish research was conducted to put these studies to test and they proved to be right, it does trigger depression in around 39% females!

The only thing that will go right this Saturday when Daylight savings will end is that your circadian rhythm will go back to being normal as is stayed disturbed throughout the Daylight savings and spring.

This change of time will affect your sleeping schedule and your body is miraculously designed in a way to synchronize itself with the sun so your body will be back in its natural groove and will follow circadian rhythm.

When in spring you sprung your clocks forward your body lost its ability to sync with the sun and hence lost its rhythm affecting your mood, fitness level and your menstrual cycle.

It will cause you to doze off less during the day since your day will be longer and nights will be darker, sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite.

So there are a couple of things to cherish this weekend; a long weekend in America as they are celebrating Sir Cesar Chavez’s day, April 1, 2017 your very own April fool’s day, advent of winter in countries like New Zealand, getting your circadian rhythm back, forty nine hours long weekend instead of forty eight and last but not the least getting an extra hour to sleep in the frosty weather.

Seems like a lot of reasons to bring a smile on your face. With this we sign off enlightening you with all the pros and cons of turning your clocks one hour back!