legion 2017 air date
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As per the latest Comic Con news, it is confirmed that X-Men series Legion will be a thing soon as the mutants of the big screen make their away to small TV. Reports say that the new series will be connecting the future X-Men Movies. Before anything else, though, we have to make it clear that the X-Men Movies are in an entirely different universe as compared to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that explains why there are no Avengers, Agents of S.H.I.EL.D. or other Marvel heroes making a scene in the X-Men Movie franchise. It’s worth saying that this is also why in the recent movie Deadpool, the two extra X-Men in that movie weren’t from the actual X-Men Movie series.

Meanwhile, with X-Men series Legion, they say that the show will be in yet again another parallel universe, but fans are yet to give up in finding the connection between Legion and the X-Men Movies.

While the cast and crew of the series have been diligently silent about anything, one case member, Noah Hawley had this to say: “If you lived your whole life defined as one thing and learned you were something else, you’d have to go back and rewrite those memories to mean something else. There’s a lot of tolerance, and a lot of that starts inside us. This is not so much racing towards a battle with an enemy, then with the enemy within.”

For those fans who are not experts with regard to the comic books, Legion is actually the son of professor Charles Xavier, though the character has yet to make an appearance in the X-Men Movies, the new TV series will revolve around him. SO there is a possibility that the Legion in the series is also the Legion in the movies if ever Marvel decides to add him to the X-Men Movie mix. While not much can be said about the opening pilot episode that was revealed, all fans can do is sit tight and wait for the series to air by early 2017.


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