Legends Are Never Too Old: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone Showed Great Physique In the Gym

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone are more than movie stars. They are real symbols of masculinity for everyone who was growing up in 80’s and 90’s. They also have done a lot to promote bodybuilding and strength sports to a new level of popularity.

These two actors were among first to demonstrate excellent physique on the screen. The whole generation of youth started to be interested in visiting a gym and having a strong and shredded body after their films. Demonstrating such level of physique takes more than just being an excellent actor. Both Schwarzenegger and Stallone take sports and fitness as their life philosophy.

Both actors are older than 70, however, they keep staying feet and demonstrating amazing physique. Schwarzenegger and Stallone visit the gym regularly and try to organize healthy life routine no matter what happens in their life. They are still an inspiration for thousands of people and golden standards for fitness fans. The actors have families and busy social life, however, sports stay among their priority.

Currently, Arnold Schwarzenegger is preparing for an iconic role of Terminator for future film’s sequel. He has always been in his best physique, however, now he’s visiting gym even more often, than usually to be greatly prepared for the role and to demonstrate excellent shape in the film. There’s no doubt this star granddad will look great on the screen and will inspire many people to start training no matter how old they are.

Sylvester Stallone is also thinking about the release of sequels of famous Rocky and Rambo films. Being older than 70, he’s still staying just as strong as he has always been.

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