Legend of Zelda Update
(Image : Forbes)


For all of you Legend of Zelda lovers out there, you already know how it feels to have your favourite game cancelled. When in 2013, the first Legend of Zelda for Wii U was announced and then cancelled, countless of gamers out there actually felt the pain of believing that, they will never see their favourite game manifest. Now, at the time, there were certain restrictions that Nintendo had because of the Wii U console.

In particular, they believed that the console would not be able fully to provide the true essence of Legend of Zelda. Now, things started to change of course and, when, Nintendo spoke of the new Nintendo switch console and the fact that, they would let Legend of Zelda out for both of the game consoles mentioned above.

Although gamers all around the world started to believe that, after the latest announcement, they would evidently see their favourite game, in the beginning of 2016, things changed again. The new Legend of Zelda game received the title of the most anticipated game for 2016. Nintendo spoke again and they said that the game will be in circulation for both Wii U and Nintendo switch.

But then things changed again. The latest rumour out there is the fact that, the new Legend of Zelda, Zelda Breath of the Wild for Wii U is getting cancelled once again. Of course, the company has not officially spoken of the matter but, it all started, when a Japanese website gave a very specific document of the public. According to that document, the new Legend of Zelda for Wii U is going to be cancelled because of technical restrictions.

Apparently, the original worries of the developers of Legend of Zelda still believe that the Wii U console is not going to be able to perfectly satisfy the gamers by giving them the best Legend of Zelda environment possible. According to them, the Wii U console has proven to be quite weak.

Now, for all of you who deeply anticipated the release of the new Legend of Zelda, you might actually have to wait a bit longer. If the company does go on and make an official statement on whether they are going to be releasing the game or not, this remains to be seen. However, we all know that nothing has yet been announced.

If the game indeed has been cancelled again, one thing that gamers all around the world want to know is, whether it is permanent this time or not. This constant teasing is getting most of the gamers out there frustrated. They want straightforward answers. Has the game been cancelled again and if yes is this a permanent cancellation?

Now, as a gamer, it might actually be your responsibility to let your opinion be known to the public. Besides, you are the person anticipating the game. The truth is that, if the company could only give out a few sneak peeks. That way, the gamers would be able to choose whether they like what they see or not. Perhaps then and only then will the company be able to say that, the gamers are not getting the desirable result that they were looking for.

Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild is one of the most cancelled games out there. Of course, there is no way it will reach the levels of other games that have been cancelled more than enough times. But for all the gamers out there, we ask Nintendo to give us a straightforward answer on whether we are going to be seeing the new title or not.

After all, we can guarantee that those who were raised playing Legend of Zelda will not be dissatisfied by the title. They just want to get another game in their hands. For any new updates, by the company Nintendo we are going to be giving you posted. We all hope that we will get the new Legend of Zelda sooner than later. After all, it is a game that, no matter how you play it, you are still going to be enjoying it.