Left 4 Dead 3
(Credits: YouTube)

Many fans have been waiting for any news regarding the possible development of Valve’s Left 4 Dead 3. The zombie game series is just another one of those Valve games that have yet to get an update for a really long time, and in the case of Left 4 Dead, it has been seven years since the game received an update, and it is long overdue.

Much like how Valve is with their other game, they are staying silent about anything that has to do with Left 4 Dead 3 and there are some fans that have already accepted that there won’t be another Left 4 Dead game. However, there are new leaks that surfaced online which brought a light of hope to the fans of the zombie shooter game.

The most notable of leaks is that of Tristan Reidford, a Valve employee who posted a screenshot of what seems to be instructions for the Destinations Workshop tool and there were fans with a keen eye for detail spotted a folder named “Left4Dead3” which basically meant that the game was under development, and with this fans went into a frenzy. After the image was posted, it was immediately taken don and replaced with an image without the folder named “Left4Dead3”.

Moreover, Valve will be moving into a new office in 2017 and a bigger office space means more projects to work on for the company and that may just include Left 4 Dead 3. All these leaks and hints about the very much loved zombie shooter game causes fans to be excited with the thought of having a brand new Left 4 Dead game, with all the latest visual enhancements, the game will surely be something to get hooked on. However, it is worth mentioning that as usual, Valve has confirmed nothing and that there are no official announcements as of late.


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